What to look out for as a first-time buyer

Whether you have been planning your first home purchase for years or are leaping into action to take advantage of the recent stamp duty rate cut, the first-time-buyer process is often far from straightforward. In a 2019 HomeOwners Alliance survey, first-time buyer housing... View Article

Glasdon Modus™ Helps Improve Communal Waste Disposal and Recycling

Leading designer and manufacturer of waste management solutions, Glasdon, share their insight into how the Modus™ range of bin and container housings has been helping local authorities and housing associations maintain cleaner environments and improve residential recycling rates. Glasdon designed... View Article

The transition to greener housing

Climate change remains a huge global issue – and it’s one that the UK Government is planning on tackling. To do this, it’s important to focus on the energy used in our homes. With the heating of buildings creating as... View Article

Creating a multipurpose space in the home

In 2020, we had to adapt our home environments quickly in order to cope with a new way of working. The pace of the change took many of us by surprise; we had to hurriedly convert spare bedrooms into offices,... View Article

How to create more useable space in your UK-based home

Homes throughout the UK are known for their fabulous architectural features and distinct uniqueness, giving each one its own personality. One thing that your regular and typical home isn’t necessarily known for, however, is being a good size with all... View Article

What to look for in an HMO investment property

HMOs are a profitable business model for professional landlords, but they require careful management. If you are thinking of investing in an HMO, read on for some tips and advice. What is an HMO? An HMO is a house of... View Article

LGA responds to housing for ageing population report

Responding to a new report from the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, ‘Too Little, Too Late? Housing for an ageing population’, Cllr David Renard, LGA housing spokesman, said: “As we look to restart the housing market and build the... View Article

Building to let? Here’s what you need to know

While many landlords decide to buy existing properties to turn into rental homes, there are also a select few that also look for plots that they can turn into homes or flats to rent out. Doing so gives you the... View Article