The battle against mould and damp

Are we doing enough to prevent mould and damp, David Bly of Cornerstone is of the opinion more can be done With constant year-on-year damp, condensation and mould in many homes it could be argued there needs to be ‘reset’... View Article

Retrofit for zero carbon

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund provides one way for social housing providers in England to improve the quality of homes for their tenants although bidding teams may need support in working out the best way to treat older properties –... View Article

How software is tackling the compliance challenge

LISTEN HERE With social landlords under increasing pressure to improve housing compliance, Dave Carr from Propeller explains the role of software in overhauling safety checks and meeting RSH standards A new regulation, enforced in April 2024, has put housing safety... View Article

Eliminating emissions

LISTEN HERE Eliminating the carbon emissions associated with housing involves understanding the impact of the dwelling over its lifespan. Anastasia Mylona of CIBSE explains how this should be approached Regular revisions to Building Regulations over the last two decades have... View Article

Energy efficient block management

LISTEN HERE Robert Poole of Glide explains how regardless of the changing political mood, there is a real need for more energy efficiency in block management The shift towards greater energy efficiency within block management is crucial due to environmental,... View Article

How housing providers can support tenants effectively

Martin Brown of FM Outsource, explores how housing providers can develop tailored customer service strategies that tackle sensitive concerns and meet tenants’ needs effectively Social housing has been cast into the spotlight in recent years, with tragic stories of those... View Article

A digital approach to life safety systems

The duty of the Accountable Person, outlined in the Building Safety Act, is to take all reasonable steps to prevent building safety risks. Here, Nelson Godinho of SE Controls, outlines what is required and how a truly digitised approach helps... View Article

The dangers of neglecting smoke control

One crucial aspect of building safety that is often overlooked is the maintenance and repair of smoke control systems. Tom Archer from Colt explores the hidden dangers and why proactive maintenance is essential As a responsible building manager, ensuring the... View Article

Elevating roofing standards in social housing

Wayne Chissel of WestWood Liquid Technologies, discusses the urgent need to improve roofing standards in the housing sector and the role of PMMA liquid waterproofing systems In the ever-evolving landscape of social housing, there is not only a pressing need... View Article

Uniting the sector. Making lives better.

LISTEN HERE Housing 2024 provides space for the housing and wider living sector to come together, discuss and collaborate, to identify solutions and speak with one voice to those framing the debate. Raising the voice of the housing and wider... View Article

Landlord Latest: Karbon Homes

LISTEN HERE Karbon Homes is a housing provider based in the North East of England, focusing on delivering three strategic aims for affordable homes Karbon Homes builds, manages and looks after around 32,000 affordable homes for people across the North... View Article

Revolutionising leasehold

LISTEN HERE Robert Poole of Glide reflects on the legislative changes proposed and explores the transformative path ahead for owners and managers of blocks of flats The UK stands on the precipice of a historic overhaul in property ownership. With... View Article

Roadmap to decarbonised heating: Are we on track?

Global urgency demands net-zero emissions by 2050 to combat climate change. Addressing the building sector, primarily heated by natural gas, is crucial, as it constitutes nearly one-third of UK carbon emissions. Chris Caton from Ideal Heating explains Scientific consensus is... View Article

IoT: Creating healthier, safer sustainable homes

Internet of Things (IoT) and connected home technologies are already transforming how we view the indoor environment. Without the data these devices provide, we are effectively blind to the health of our homes, as Aico explains The use of Internet... View Article

Winning strategies for biodiversity

Managing open spaces is much more than cutting grass and collecting litter and with the introduction of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) legislation in January, it has become even more complex. In this article, David King of Meadfleet, explores the challenges... View Article

Future-proof your residential facade

Mark Snowden from Rockpanel outlines the benefits of ventilated facades, why their specification can help ensure the wellbeing of occupants and how substandard external cladding systems can lead to hidden costs and uninsurability 2017 marked a defining moment in the... View Article

The Funding Issues faced by Local Authorities

LISTEN HERE Mark Edgerley of Boyer comments on the impact of the proposed Infrastructure Levy The news in September 2023 that Birmingham City Council (‘Europe’s largest local authority’) had been forced to issue a Section 114 notice sent out a... View Article

Landlord Latest: Salix Homes

LISTEN HERE Salix Homes is a housing association based in Salford, Greater Manchester, providing social and affordable homes and housing services Salix Homes own and manage over 8,000 homes, which comprises a real mix of properties including tower blocks and... View Article