Smart roof specification

LISTEN HERE Local authorities can better support social housing tenants through smart and well-timed roofing specification choices, as Stuart Nicholson from Marley explains Over the past year, and for several reasons, residential energy costs have increased. For many social housing... View Article

HOMES UK is an unmissable event

LISTEN HERE In 2023, housing providers face increased obligations to simultaneously: improve housing standards and tackle disrepair, empower tenants, meet net zero targets, address building safety and increase housing supply. In the face of limited resources, it’s more important than... View Article

Maintaining smoke control systems

LISTEN HERE Recent high-profile incidents have reaffirmed the need for regular smoke control system maintenance carried out by competent contractors. David Mowatt from the Smoke Control Association (SCA), examines the latest maintenance requirements Waiting until it is too late to... View Article

Revolutionising access control

Rhys McNichol from Videx Security explains how remote entry management is transforming the approach to access control across local authority and housing association developments In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of online and remote security management, housing associations and local authorities... View Article

Breaking the mould

Kathryn Tormay from Crown Paints discusses how anti-mould paints can help landlords and housing providers fight mould and damp, amidst a stubborn cost-of-living crisis The cost-of-living crisis looks set to continue into this winter. With energy prices remaining high, tenants... View Article

Driving forward standards in fire door safety

Fire Door Safety Week raises awareness of the vital role that fire doors play in keeping building occupants across the UK safe. Helen Hewitt of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), explains how greater awareness coupled with new legislation is moving... View Article

Effectively venting all year round

LISTEN HERE Richard Carter from EnviroVent looks at how installing effective mechanical ventilation systems can reduce the maintenance burden that some housing associations experience in the winter months, and in turn positively impact tenant health As we approach Autumn, thoughts... View Article

Help on the road to zero carbon homes

LISTEN HERE The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund could see social housing providers upgrade the energy efficiency of up to 90,000 homes. Some of these homes will be relatively straightforward to upgrade, others will require a joined-up approach as Caroline Bowler... View Article

Delivering savings in water usage and tenant bills

A big consumer of water in social housing is the bathroom. Here, Stuart Reynolds from AKW discusses how inclusive sanitaryware and showers are now being designed to promote water and energy-saving, delivering long-term savings that ultimately benefit tenant bills With... View Article

Passive fire safety explored

LISTEN HERE Graham Laws from Siderise Insulation explores some of the ways residential building owners and managers can ensure that buildings and their occupiers are properly protected with accurate passive fire protection such as cavity barriers and firestops Ensuring the... View Article

Protecting tenants from the silent killer

Simon Jones from Kidde Safety Europe explains the role of carbon monoxide alarms in ensuring a robust life safety approach – and why it is so important that the models chosen meet the requirements of EN 50291 Last year, the... View Article

The fight to tackling fuel poverty

Dane Ralston from iOpt Ltd looks at how the internet of things (IoT) can potentially help with fuel poverty and tenant well-being Most people know the definition of fuel poverty. It’s been an issue since the 1970s and has taken... View Article

Why wall panels are the greener option

LISTEN HERE With the environmental impact of the built environment well known to most, housing managers are always looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Scott Beattie from Fibo, explores why wall panels can offer a more sustainable... View Article

Safer by design

LISTEN HERE Flooring plays a vital role in the safety as well as the comfort of our lives and is a critical consideration in the social housing, care and retirement sectors. Louise Walters from Designer Contracts explains Providing a comfortable... View Article

Are sub-roof systems the answer?

LISTEN HERE With increased scrutiny on the state and repair of social housing, when looking at new roof specification, should landlords be thinking about a whole refit, or employing more cost-effective retrofit opportunities? Ardit Strica from Onduline Building Products asks... View Article

Housing 2023

LISTEN HERE Throughout the whole of the UK, the housing sector is facing unprecedented challenges. From uncertainty in government funding; new regulations; the pressing need for more homes; the equally pressing need to maintain and improve the homes we have... View Article

Legionella risk assessments

The Legionella Control Association (LCA) discusses why a thorough risk assessment is a good starting point for adhering to legislation, as well as the importance of ensuring it is undertaken by a trained and occupationally competent person A  Risk Assessment... View Article

New technology is the key to fire door compliance

With new regulation now in force for checking fire doors, Dave Carr from Propeller Powered explains how advanced technology is helping the housing sector to comply Enforced in January 2023, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 set new legal duties... View Article

A bathroom and kitchens role in reaching net zero targets

Chris Tranter from Bristan looks at the kitchen and bathroom solutions available to help providers work more efficiently and sustainably across retrofit projects Soaring energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis are having a huge impact on housing providers as they... View Article