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Housing minister slammed after swerving building safety

Housing Minister Christopher Pincher failed to mention the building safety crisis affecting thousands of leaseholders and landlords across the country when giving a speech to the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual conference. The pre-recorded... View Article

Building confidence in IoT

Dane Ralston of iOpt explores how housing professionals can utilise the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to overcome the barriers to its adoption. When discussing the barriers to making... View Article

Enhancing intercom access

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Melissa Lloyd-Williams of Intratone explores how access control technology can enhance building accessibility. Accessibility continues to be an important issue for housing professionals. Affordable housing and private... View Article

Letter perfect

Richard Morris of UAP discusses the security and safety implications of letter plate specification. Much of our correspondence may be paperless these days, but homes still need a letterplate where... View Article

Intelligent temperature monitoring

Richard Braid of Cistermiser and Keraflo discusses the pivotal role that Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Units (TMUs) are now playing in the water management arena. Lockdowns across the UK have posed... View Article
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Product & Supplier News

D-TECT 200 C Professional Wallscanner

Precise. Reliable. Efficient. The D-Tect 200 C Professional Wallscanner for exceptional results. The D-tect 200 C Professional was optimized based on user feedback. It is the first radar detector on... View Article

Straightforward product, straightforward install

The Siderise Non-Combustible Cavity Tray (NC-CT) combines a flexible aluminium cavity tray with non-combustible insulation to form a robust, single component solution. The product not only helps to ensure compliance... View Article

David Phillips rewards loyal customers

with B2B Rewards Scheme Design-led furniture services provider David Phillips has introduced a new rewards program. As one of the first B2B loyalty schemes in the industry, the brand is... View Article

Aico Abseil in support of The Movement Centre

Oswestry-based company, Aico, have recently hosted an abseiling challenge in  aid of local charity, The Movement Centre. Alongside other businesses from  across Shropshire, Aico and HomeLINK colleagues challenged themselves to ... View Article


Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, has announced a senior promotion and one new appointment within its regional management structure. Kevin Hounsome is promoted to divisional director after seven... View Article

Into the Blue

Once upon a time, adapted showering used to mean clinical, nowadays, there is little stopping you from being able to provide a beautiful space that is tailored to your clients’... View Article

Meter Compliance Unit

It is a legal requirement to undertake a metering cost effectiveness assessment for most existing buildings in order to comply with the government’s metering and billing regulations 2020. For more... View Article

Aico’s Fearsome Fundraising for the EIC

This Halloween, Aico colleagues organised a spooky fundraising day to support the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). Aico colleagues donned a variety of spooky and imaginative costumes, from trolls and monsters... View Article
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