LGA responds to housing for ageing population report

Responding to a new report from the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, ‘Too Little, Too Late? Housing for an ageing population’, Cllr David Renard, LGA housing spokesman, said:

“As we look to restart the housing market and build the homes the country needs, it is vital we make sure that we meet the housing needs of older people.

“Councils want to continue working with developers to offer suitably designed and affordable specialist housing, however as part of the recovery, councils will need to be given greater planning powers and resources to hold developers to account, ensuring they build the right homes in the right places with the required infrastructure needed by different groups within local communities.

“But it is crucial to acknowledge that the majority of older people will live in existing housing. The Government needs to continue to invest in supporting the adaptation of homes to meet the needs of people as their circumstances change, keep older people safe and independent in their homes and prevent avoidable admissions to hospital and care homes.

“To get building again, councils also need to be able to keep 100 per cent of Right to Buy receipts, set discounts locally and increase the proportion of receipts that can be used to meet the cost of replacement homes. The Government should also allow councils at least five years to spend Right to Buy receipts to avoid the coronavirus crisis exacerbating the current shortage of social housing.”