Glasdon Modus™ Helps Improve Communal Waste Disposal and Recycling

Leading designer and manufacturer of waste management solutions, Glasdon, share their insight into how the Modus™ range of bin and container housings has been helping local authorities and housing associations maintain cleaner environments and improve residential recycling rates.

Glasdon designed the Modus Bin Housing with hygiene, safety and security at the core for end users and operators. However, the adaptability of the solution also helps to boost participation in a recycling scheme, while decreasing cross-contamination of waste streams.

Neil Gilkes, Sales Manager for Glasdon UK Limited said:

“We know that some of the barriers to responsible waste disposal and recycling in communal settings is linked to the accessibility and location of bins. The general cleanliness around the waste disposal area is also a factor which affects the level of usage and adherence to a scheme.”

“We designed our bin housings to help waste and property managers create cleaner, more accessible waste sorting and storage areas, with the goal of keeping waste inside the right container and rodents and insects out.”

The Modus range of high-capacity bin housings securely contain and cover a wide range of standard-sized 4-wheeled containers. Modus 770 is designed to accept 600, 660 or 770-litre containers, while Modus 1280 will hold either 1100 or 1280-litre containers.

The housings feature specially moulded, coloured aperture panels to match the waste streams required and co-ordinated recycling graphics. This helps to prevent general rubbish sacks from being deposited into the container, further minimising cross-contamination and the potential of fly-tipping larger items. A hooded peak helps to protect the aperture from the elements, while the Vandalex® frame provides exceptional strength and weather resistance.

The Modus Housing also features a base skirting to keep pests out and conceal the door wheel, which is adjustable to ensure easy opening of the housing. The three-point locking system and stainless-steel door hinge provide strength and security.

The main body of the housing is made with strong Ecoboard™ panels that will not chip or rust and never needs painting. The core of the Ecoboard panels contains 100% recycled material which is made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled waste.

5 Tips to Improve Communal Recycling with Modus Bin Housings

1.     Make Space to Increase Recycling

According to WRAP*, a barrier which stops people living in apartments from recycling easily, is limited storage space and the ease with which materials can be transported to a collection point.

Providing residents with a highly visible, designated area for waste and collection with colour-coded containers, can help improve the accessibility and practicality of waste sorting.

2.     Minimise the Risk of Cross-Contamination

Offering distinctly labelled collection containers for recyclable and non-recyclable waste can help minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Grey or Black housings to store general waste bins and housings with brightly coloured, moulded apertures for storing recycling bins. If the ‘recycling’ colours reflect the wheeled bin lid colours, occupants and refuse collectors can instantly recognise the intended waste stream of each container.

3.     Maintain Hygiene Levels

Modus bin housings include innovative features that help maintain outstanding hygiene levels including:

  • A base skirting which keeps fallen waste contained and prevents rodents entering the bin contents
  • The waste deposit chute on the Modus bin housing guides waste into the wheeled container
  • Door-stay feature keeps the door open for ease and speed of access to the wheeled container
  • Easy to clean, low-maintenance design

4.     Increase Security and Safety

With Modus you can provide residents with peace of mind, by securely covering four-wheeled waste containers to reduce the risk of theft, arson or other types of vandalism.

Increase security by:

  • Siting communal waste bins in a secure location accessible for residents, property managers and refuse collectors only
  • Concealing wheeled containers in secure, lockable bin housings

If fire safety is a concern for your site, we recommend the Modus bin housing with the Glasdon Firesafe™ optional extra. This automatic fire suppression device can be fitted inside the hood of the container. If a fire breaks out inside the bin, this device is automatically activated.

5.     Personalise for Increased Take-up

Add your housing association logo, recycling message or other personalised graphics to create an attractive, appealing recycling station that residents will want to use.

Fixing posters above or directly onto the bins is the most effective way to remind residents of sorting instructions.

Thanks to their fully customisable design, you can add personalised sorting instructions directly to the Modus bin housings.

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