Finding the perfect rental investment property in Richmond upon Thames

Renowned as one of the best places to live in London, Richmond upon Thames is home to a wide array of stunning properties and even more tenants looking to rent them.

As such, it’s the perfect location for any industrious landlords looking to enhance their portfolio of properties in the UK’s thriving capital city.

For anyone looking to buy a rental property in Richmond upon Thames, here are some tips on how to find the perfect option to bring you a strong return on your investment.

Consider What Kind Of Property You Want To Purchase

Before you delve into house hunting, you need to consider the sort of property that you want to buy. There are various different options for sale throughout Richmond upon Thames, including flats, terraces houses and detached homes, meaning that there’s something for everyone. Consider what you believe tenants will want and the type of property that you will be able to manage effectively. Knowing approximately what you want will allow you to narrow down your search and save yourself both time and effort.

Search For A Property With Potential

When looking for a property to rent out, it can be easy to think that your only options are those that are liveable, but you should also consider properties in desirable areas that might need some enhancement. Planning permission can be a challenge in Richmond upon Thames, but by working with the award-winning Aura Homes you can overcome this and create a property that tenants will be queuing up to rent. This team of award-winning Architects in Richmond upon Thames understand the region’s rental market, properties and planning committees, so they’ll be able to guide you every step of the way and help you create a quality rental home.

Remember That Proximity To Desirable Attractions Will Raise The Value Of Your Property

If your property is close to Richmond Park, Richmond Bridge, Ham House, the region’s local stately home, or even just one of Richmond upon Thames’ tube stations, it will be worth significantly more money than a property in a purely residential area. As such, you should review all the properties in these desirable areas when choosing one to become part of your rental property portfolio.

Explore Larger Properties That Can Be Split Into House Shares

Property in Richmond upon Thames can be incredibly expensive, so if you’re keen to make the most out of your investment, then consider purchasing a larger property and turning it into a house of multiple occupancy. This will allow you to achieve a strong return on your investment, as you’ll be able to rent space out to several different tenants and charge rent to each of them. House shares have been rising in popularity over recent years, meaning that you’ll easily be able to find tenants to fill your property.

Searching for the perfect property to invest in and rent out can be a challenge, so use these tips to help you select the perfect option in Richmond upon Thames to enrich your portfolio.