Ventilation for the built environment – combatting mould

Poor indoor air quality contributes to respiratory and allergy problems.

Inadequate ventilation creates ideal conditions for condensation and mould growth. Vectaire’s MVHRs help tackle these problems. Incorporating two fans they deliver low level continuous ventilation – extracting stale air from wet rooms, and bringing in air from outside. The two, separated airflows pass through a heat exchanger, recovering heat from outgoing air and filtering it before transferring it to the incoming, fresh air supply. It’s then ducted to the living areas for a comfortable environment

The Midis, upright WHHRs, for loft or cupboard installation, are for residential properties up to 170m². They recover up to 94% of the heat from extracted air and have variable choice of trickle, boost and purge speeds, with summer bypass and integral frost stat and are available with or without LCD and humidistat. The “AT” versions (sound tested by BRE) operate really quietly (sound levels down to <5 dBA). There are two other models in this range – the Maxi for areas up to 250m² and the Maxi Plus for areas up to 400m²