The importance of fire doors & inspections

A fire door is an engineered safety device that is a crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building. A fire door acts just as any other door in normal service, in a fire it takes on a critical role – to save lives and protect property.

Fire doors can easily become damaged when they are in regular use; which may affect their performance in the unfortunate event of a fire. And just like other life safety devices, fire doors need regular inspection, maintenance or replacement to ensure that they will perform as intended in the event of a fire.

Under the RRO liability for fire safety lies with the ‘responsible person’ for that property or the employer. They also need to be able to identify a Competent Person i.e. who can undertake measures such as Fire Door Inspections, if they’re not confident to do so. Lorient’s Fire Door Inspectors are qualified professional that can help with this. Compliance with the RRO is a legal requirement, failure to comply can lead to prosecution, large fines and even imprisonment.


Operating across the UK, Lorient offers a professional and expert fire door inspection service. Lorient Fire Door Inspectors are fully assessed under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS).


A detailed report is provided covering the condition and functionality of the fire doors on the premises; with necessary remedial action required. The experienced team have worked on projects from schools & hospitals to large commercial buildings.