TDBL- nonut® a revolution for the construction industry

SFS Group Fastening Technology have launched an innovative solution for the construction market, which will save time onsite.

The new TDBL- nonut® – which carries ETA-11/0191 approval – has exceptional performance thanks to its patented thread shape, under-head locking detail and trilobular geometry. Together ensuring that the fastener remains firmly in place and cannot be loosened. Thus, ensuring cost-effective time savings when compared to the traditional nut and bolt.

The TDBL- nonut® enables fast and easy installation from one side meaning it can be used in previously inaccessible or hard-to-reach places, making it ideal for working on steel construction where, for example, it can be employed for the attachment of steel sections such as brackets and support rails to enclosed steel sections where the use of standard nuts and bolts is impractical.

Applications of the TDBL-nonut® include:

  • High-bay construction
  • Stage construction
  • steel construction
  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Steel construction for PV systems
  • Shelving construction
  • Platform construction (Mezzanine)
  • Teardrop plate direct fastening with HO plate

Callum Thornton, Product Manager for SFS, commented: “The TDBL- nonut® offers a significant benefit to the industry, offering savings of time, money and inventory size. It is the ideal solution for the connection of statically loaded supporting structures, allowing users to work quickly, easily, and effectively.”

TDBL- nonut® are a case hardened, thread forming fastener available in a diameter of 8.6 mm with a length of 16 mm and in a diameter of 10.6 mm with lengths of 23, 30 and 50 mm as well as a new lower profile flatter head version of each.

Further installation details and design values can be found within the assembly instructions, ETA and product literature.

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