Studying hygiene and watersaving

Protecting and maintaining good hygiene, across university sites is critical in the effective management of viruses and bacteria. Through careful planning and implementation, steps can be taken to ensure contamination is prevented, permanently.

With improved reliability and simpler technology, sensor taps are fast becoming a standard installation in university campuses and buildings. CONTI+ manufacture their own sensors to ensure the highest quality standards for their touch-free controlled showers, hand sanitisers, taps and urinal control. And because no physical contact is required, there is an immediate reduction in the transfer of bacteria.

With the water only be delivered when required, users can also save up to 70 per cent water across their properties giving the opportunity for not only a real return on investment but also to meet the requirements for more sustainable building management.

Regular maintenance is required to keep water systems hygienically clean. With thermal disinfection, CONTI+ taps eliminate dangerous Legionella bacteria without chemical contamination of the water.

Across extensive accommodation or leisure services, Estate Managers can automate the control and management of up to 150 taps, urinals and showers with the CONTI+ CNX water management system. Regular maintenance can be scheduled into the system and reports provided, while alerts are created instantly for any faults which may occur.

With a range of tools available such as self commissioning, above deck access, a mobile app and a shared family of spare parts, maintaining water systems across estates has never been easier.

Interested to find out how CONTI+ could help with the hygienic management of your water systems? Get in touch.

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