Revolutionary rainscreen retention solution proves less is more

SFS Group Fastening Technology and Kingspan Insulation have pooled their respective expertise in rainscreen cladding support systems and insulation materials, to launch an optimum performance solution offering A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire  presenting the potential to optimise envelope design on buildings of any height.

The NVELOPE®NVS-RP range of stainless steel brackets has been developed specifically to retain Kingspan’s latest insulation development – Kingspan AlphaCore®panel silica-based insulation which offers a thermal conductivity of just 0.020 W/mK, with a Euroclass A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire. The slimline material is available in thicknesses of 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50mm with a weight ranging from 3.6-9.0 kg/m2.  AlphaCore® Pad is also water-repellent.

Crucially, the combination has the potential to create far slimmer façades which will withstand the weather as well as optimising energy performance.  This is because, instead of compromising AlphaCore® Pad’s thermal performance with multiple fixing penetrations, SFS has completely re-imagined established components from its NVELOPE® system to absolutely minimise cold-bridging. 

The NVS designation describes the range’s existing stainless-steel L-shaped bracket that is available in single or double format and adds three types of RP Retaining Plates: Single, Double and the End Plate.  Their versatility not only facilitates the retention of all the AlphaCore® Pad thicknesses, without the need for traditional fixings, but remains quick and easy to install.    

David Fraser, Business Unit Manager for SFS Subframe Systems, explains, “The NVS-RP features a standard bracket any installer would recognise and know how to fix, and it is now paired with a retaining plate featuring overlapping slots so that it simply slides over the top to retain the insulation and, once you hit the sweet spot, you just put in a rivet to hold it permanently..” 

Cameron MacBride, the National Façade Manager for Kingspan Insulation, confirms: “Kingspan AlphaCore® Pad provides a balance of both thermal and fire performance, giving designers greater freedom to achieve compliant systems in tight spaces.  Collaborating with SFS has allowed us to find a solution to maximise the thermal performance of AlphaCore® Pad. The NVS RP range avoids having to fix through the board in multiple places, which reduces thermal bridging. This combination of materials will be used where those pinch-points within a structure occur, in areas where land values are high, and the overall wall thickness becomes more important.  These solutions using newer, optimal technologies are therefore going to offer the designer more flexibility in challenging situations, and hopefully boost the lettable or saleable space to its maximum”

A series of technical data sheets explains the configuration and application of the different NVS-RP components, along with the non-compressible thermal pad which helps ensure the assemblies’ performance, while both the bracketry and the Kingspan AlphaCore® Pad insulation will be available to contractors through the two companies’ normal sales channels.

For further information, visit the product page of the SFS website to see a video case study of the project