Quintex Pro is There for Fast Refurbishments

With a textile back that makes it easy to install, Beauflor® Quintex Pro sheet vinyl flooring is there when a fast refurbishment for housing is needed.

With the Decent Homes Standard stating that floors should be in good condition, safe and free from trip hazards; the need for replacement flooring between or during tenancies will often be required before the usual replacement cycles of kitchens or bathrooms. With more frequent replacement, a floor that’s easy to install, uplift and replace can bring a time and cost saving benefit.

Beauflor Quintex Pro is a textile backed sheet vinyl floor that is both durable and easy to install, uplift and replace. It can be installed without glue in rooms up to 36m2, so that it can simply be lifted and replaced with new. This significantly reduces replacement time over floors that need to be glued down, which are often difficult to uplift without damaging subfloors. A damaged subfloor may also then need remedial treatment before it’s ready to receive a new floor covering. 

Not only is Quintex Pro fast to install, but it can also be installed directly over old floors, like ceramic and thermoplastic tiles or timber. This makes it an ideal replacement to prevent the costly process of uplifting these old floors.

Cleanability is also another reason for choosing Quintex Pro in housing projects. The Premium Coating lets tenants stay on top of cleaning without needing costly specialist products, while also improving resistance to dirt and stains. And the floor is also slip-resistant for a safer surface in kitchens and bathrooms, where occasional standing water may be experienced. 

Quintex Pro comes in a range of 16 home-like wood, stone and terrazzo designs, so you can specify a floor that’s not only easy to replace, but that will also help to create a comfortable environment for tenants. With classic wood plank designs for living areas, bedrooms, corridors and hallways, as well as stone and terrazzo tile designs for kitchens and bathrooms; it has a design for every type of property. 

Beauflor is the only manufacturer to make textile backed sheet vinyl floors in a five-metre width to reduce the number of seams required in large spaces. It also offers two, three and four-metre wide options, so the most appropriate width can be chosen to minimise waste. 

Quintex Pro is made in Belgium and held in stock at major UK distributors and wholesalers for a high-quality housing floor that’s also readily available when needed.