Protect occupants with an enhanced fire system

Maximise occupant safety

Extend the capability of fire alarm networks with the Cavius Relay unit, available from Kidde, so that the alert reaches everyone, including vulnerable individuals or those with hearing impairments or other disabilities.

Telecare connectivity

The Cavius Relay with RF Interconnect enables connections between external fire safety systems and Cavius wireless smoke and heat alarms, so that when one alarm is activated, the Cavius Relay sets off all the connected devices.

  • Interfaces between Cavius RF smoke and heat alarms and third party inputs (such as fire panels, break glass boxes and sprinkler flow switches) and output systems (such as Telecare systems, strobes and sounders)
  • Interlinks with up to 31 Cavius Wireless Alarms
  • Supports the Equality Act 2010
  • Ideal for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), assisted living and sheltered accommodation
  • Mains powered with lithium battery back-up
  • Provide maximum protection for occupants and property – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST OR PRE-ORDER THE KIDDE CAVIUS RELAY NOW!

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