Panasonic A/C Enhances Resident Comfort & Wellbeing at Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society’s Care Home

The Belvedere House Care Home, part of the Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society in Banstead, Surrey, recently completed a significant modernisation project, incorporating state-of-the-art climate control systems to ensure optimal resident comfort and improve the indoor air quality. With a focus on residents’ health and wellbeing, mechanical services and A/C installation company, Technicool Air Conditioning Ltd, selected three Panasonic VRF 2-pipe units, 58 ducted units for bedrooms, and an additional twin system for the communal areas. The seamless operation of the entire system is managed through a centralised control panel, enhancing both efficiency and convenience.

nanoe™ X Technology for Indoor Air Quality

The chosen Panasonic VRF 2-pipe system not only meets the energy-saving and reliability requirements but also introduces nanoe™ X technology to elevate indoor air hygiene. Recognising the paramount importance of health post-pandemic, Belvedere care home sought a solution that could inhibit the transmission of airborne pathogens. The nanoe™ X generator extracts invisible moisture from the air, generating hydroxyl radicals that effectively impede the growth of viruses, bacteria, and allergens. This technology operates independently in fan mode, ensuring continuous protection 24/7.

Nick Potroanchenu, Estate Manager at Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society, emphasised the significance of nanoe™ X technology in today’s environment. He stated,

“The added benefit of nanoe™ X was the main attraction of the Panasonic units for this essential modernisation of Belvedere House, particularly as the project started in 2021 during the COVID-19 restrictions. We wanted to inhibit the virus and shield our residents and staff as much as possible in the future.”

The installation was seamlessly executed by the team at Technicool Air Conditioning, who had a longstanding relationship with both the care home and Panasonic. Steven Trowbridge, Service Manager for Technicool Air Conditioning, highlighted their positive experience, noting the reliability and energy efficiency of Panasonic systems. Belvedere House care home remained operational throughout the staged installation, minimising disruption for residents and staff.

Steve further praised the collaboration with Panasonic’s Spec and Technical Teams, emphasising their responsiveness and support throughout the installation process. He remarked,

“When we needed any help during the install – the team will always answer the phone and any questions we have.”

The successful implementation of Panasonic’s advanced air conditioning system, complemented by nanoe™ X technology, at the Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society Belvedere House Care Home underscores the commitment to resident comfort, health, and wellbeing. This case study serves as a testament to the seamless integration, reliability, and efficiency of Panasonic’s climate control solutions, showcasing the brand’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology for enhanced indoor environments.

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