New law to ban no-fault evictions to improve rental sector

In a major development for tenants in England, the government plans to introduce a new law that will prohibit landlords from evicting tenants without a valid reason. This reform aims to overhaul the private rental sector and provide better protection for renters.

The proposed legislation, known as the Renters (Reform) Bill, will not only abolish no-fault evictions but also put an end to bans on tenants claiming benefits. The bill also will facilitate the process for landlords to repossess properties occupied by anti-social tenants.

As part of the new law, tenants will also gain the legal right to request permission to keep pets in their homes, which landlords must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse.

Furthermore, it will become illegal for landlords to refuse tenancies to families with children or individuals receiving benefits.

The specific details of these reforms and their practical implementation will be outlined in the Renters (Reform) Bill. This comprehensive legislation is expected to provide clearer guidelines and rights for both tenants and landlords.

These measures fulfil a promise made by the Conservative Party in their 2019 manifesto to create “a better deal for renters,” including a ban on no-fault evictions which allow landlords to take back possession from tenants without giving a valid reason.

Housing campaigners have hailed the bill as a “huge opportunity” to enhance the lives of the approximately 11 million renters across England. The reforms aim to address longstanding issues in the rental sector and bring about positive changes for tenants.