Lowest cost option for your life safety smoke control system?

Smoke control is a crucial life safety system. It needs to be carefully designed, installed and commissioned properly, by fully competent experts. It also needs to be maintained regularly by equally competent companies, who should have third party certification. Colt is just such a company: we pioneered smoke control and have been the industry leading experts for 70 years. Learn more about specialist smoke control maintenance

Your legal responsibilities have changed.

The recent amendments to the fire safety regulations has affected the responsibilities of the ‘Responsible Person’ (or ‘Accountable Person’ in the case of high-rise residential buildings) in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO). As of 23 January 2023, there will be additional duties that you will have to carry out if you own or manage a building with smoke control systems, particularly if it is a high risk or high rise residential building. Read our useful blog to find out what the changes are, how they affect you and how Colt can help you stay compliant. Understand more about your duties

Common mistakes our engineers see.

Our engineers commonly encounter dangerous installations or systems that have been neglected through insufficient or unknowledgeable service checks. If a major non-conformance is identified and the system is inoperable or underperforming, it will affect the safety of your building. Emergency measures may be required to counteract the elevated risk. Read on to discover what to watch out for. If you see any of these errors, contact a Colt expert immediately for a fix. Discover more about maintenance errors

Colt engineers. The UK’s most trusted.

With an extremely comprehensive, ongoing training programme. Colt engineers truly are some of the best in the country. In 2022, we set up the Colt Service Training Centre. This new, state of the art facility enables us to provide the very extensive and detailed training that our engineers require and that we were unable to find from external training providers. In fact, many engineers who join us from other companies are surprised at the level of quality we expect. The strict set of guidelines all our engineers work to means you can rest assured that your system is safe and operational. Find out more about our engineers

Download our Smoke Control Maintenance Checklist.

We know that staying on top of all the different tasks and regulatory updates associated with building maintenance can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created a simple smoke control maintenance checklist guide to make things simple. Download it today. We offer a range for all requirements from full smoke control system servicing, to fire and smoke dampers maintenance and weekly system testing.

If you need any help carrying out these tasks or want a free consultation, get in touch. Download your smoke control maintenance checklist

Save time and money. Let Colt service your fire and smoke dampers.

Streamline your smoke control and damper maintenance management, while eliminating the need for secondary contractors and call-out charges. Colt can take care of all your smoke control and damper servicing needs in one package. Talk to our service and maintenance team today to arrange a free building survey

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