Introducing AKW’s Guide to Creating Dementia-Friendly Bathrooms

We have created a guide to summarise best practice design advice for creating dementia-friendly bathrooms with guidance provided by leading healthcare and building design experts.

All aspects of bathroom design including lighting, flooring, taps, showers and heating are covered. We also explore some specific safety challenges and how they can be best overcome with the careful selection of products.

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A Dementia-Family Bathroom

A dementia-friendly bathroom is one where simple but careful consideration of design can reduce the barriers that people with dementia can face in carrying out daily living activities, greatly improving their safety and preserving their independence for as long as possible. This guide highlights special design considerations and the safest types of bathroom products to address them.

Who is this guide for?

This guide has been produced for all those involved in dementia care:

  • Health and care professionals
  • Relatives and carers
  • Contractors involved in bathroom adaptations
  • Social landlords