Interactive timber learning platform to help deliver a more sustainable built environment

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA), an organisation under the British Woodworking Federation, has invested heavily in the development of a Wood Window and Doors CPDi. This online resource has been designed to cater for the needs of architects, contractors and housing professionals to help in the planning and delivery of a more sustainable built environment.

By giving users the luxury of online bite-sized learning, the Wood Windows & Doors CPDi will help them stay relevant with fast and effective knowledge regarding the performance, maintenance, and sustainability of timber, as well as the proven wellbeing effects associated with such a material.

Sustainability for the future

The Wood Windows and Doors CPDi has been designed in response to the high volume of queries the WWA was receiving from professionals who wanted advice on the incorporation of timber into their projects. The modules explore how the reduction of carbon emissions while still creating a high performance, quality building can be achieved through the use of timber.

Currently the following modules are available to access free of charge:

The Circular Economy – This module explores how a circular economy approach is achieved through a combination of designing for the long-term, using sustainable materials, engaging in eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing methods and repairing, recycling and reusing.

Building Nature into Architecture – This module is an exploration of how low carbon spaces can be achieved by substituting high carbon building materials for timber. Practical guidance is given on timber species selection and relevant coatings and applications.

A Natural Evolution: The Wooden Window – This CPDi module identifies the key factors to take into consideration when specifying timber as a construction material, especially in the specification of windows and doors. British Standards are explored to help professionals with future specification.

A Focus on the Benefits of Timber School Buildings – This module considers the research available on the positive impact that timber can have on students in a learning environment.

How to start your learning journey

To begin your learning journey, visit the WWA Wood Window and Doors CPDi:

E: woodwindowalliance(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Twitter: @woodwindowall