Improve floor covering standards in social housing with Beauflor sheet vinyl

Beauflor® sheet vinyl floors can help landlords, authorities and associations to improve the flooring standards of social housing cost-effectively.

With regulations in Wales and growing pressure in Scotland and England trying to lower the number of social homes rented to tenants without floor coverings, there is a move towards improving the standards of flooring in social housing

Carpets account for nearly 50% of floors used in social housing1, but they are not an ideal solution for providers, often leading to them being removed at a change of tenancy. Sheet vinyl can eliminate many of the problems encountered with carpet that are faced by providers. They are also easy to maintain and durable, and easier to assess for condition. In fact, North Wales-based housing association, Clwyd Alyn, has piloted vinyl flooring in social housing properties before re-letting and has shown fewer empty properties, less anti-social behaviour and an improvement in wellbeing.

Sheet vinyl is also a cost-effective solution that can help to minimise expenditure on flooring. It is also easier to install than other smooth floorcoverings often chosen in social housing, again helping to drive down cost.

Made in Belgium, Beauflor sheet vinyl flooring offers an attractive finish across a wide range of popular natural looks with benefits for the developer and tenant alike. For the housing provider, it’s cost-effective, fast to install and durable helping to deliver value throughout its life cycle. Tenants benefit from a homely and comfortable floor that’s hygienic, easy to maintain, safe to walk on and which can contribute to improved wellbeing.

In many domestic rooms, Beauflor sheet vinyl can be laid without glue, cutting down on material costs and time. The benefits of fast installation are made even more apparent in floors that feature a textile backing, such as the Blacktex Collection. These can be installed loose lay in areas up to 35m² over a range of substrates, including tile and timber floors, making them an excellent choice for refurbishment of social housing between tenants.

The construction of Beauflor sheet vinyl floors makes them durable, with the thickness of wear layer determining the longevity of the floor in use. For example, the brand’s most hardwearing floor Xtreme, is still cost-effective but has a Class 34 rating, making it suitable for heavy use in corridors and congregation areas. Collections suitable for social housing also feature a Premium Coating low maintenance finish. it extends the durability of the floor and helps to ensure a longer life before replacement. For the tenant, the floor is easy to clean using water and mild detergent.

Currently, the majority of social housing providers will remove flooring from properties as a matter of course, but with Beauflor sheet vinyl floors there is an opportunity to improve the lives of tenants with floor coverings that are cost-effective throughout installation and use.

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