Get tough with Arma metal pipe boxing

When external pipework needs to be concealed and protected against the risk of accidental damage or vandalism, Arma metal pipe boxing provides a tough and versatile solution that also improves aesthetics and adds a uniform finish to the project.

In addition, with the growing use of low carbon district heating schemes, as well as air-source heat pump installations, and ground source loop arrays, Arma provides an ideal option when covering pipework associated with these energy efficient systems.

Arma is also being used on social housing projects, where fire sprinklers are installed in high rise residential blocks, to conceal interior runs of pipework where there are no sprinkler heads, such as in communal areas or lift lobbies. As Arma is non-combustible, it helps compliance with fire safety requirements.

All Arma boxing is bespoke manufactured from strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium, to the dimensions and requirements of individual projects, which helps simplify installation while also enhancing the overall fit and finish.

Available with either a flange or angle fixing method, the metal boxing’s ‘U’ shaped channel profiles can be readily secured to external walls with suitable fixings, while lockable hinged inspection doors can also be incorporated to ease routine inspection and pipework maintenance.

PPC finishes in any BS or RAL paint colour can be specified to contrast or blend in with wall colours and surroundings, while a range of dedicated pre-formed accessories is also available. These include internal and external corners, as well as joint covers and end caps.

Encasement also offers a supply and install service on the Arma product range to provide specifiers and main contractors with a professional, expert solution that helps simplify the installation process.