From roof to room, Ubbink have MVHR systems covered!

We offer a complete, ultra-efficient and high performing MVHR portfolio from roof vents to ceiling terminals. New products due in the coming months!

Over the last decades the insulation and airtightness of homes has vastly improved, but with this improvement to builds there have been additional concerns of the indoor air quality. Now more than ever healthy, clean living spaces are vital to any build and is often at the forefront of homeowner’s decisions.

By using Mechanical Ventilation there is a constant flow of fresh clean air, providing homes with good indoor air quality and eliminating bad odours and polluted stale air. It also prevents the risk of mould and with the use of filters can reduce allergies for home occupants. Ubbink offer a full portfolio to suit your project’s needs, from the building’s envelope into the living spaces of proper-ties.

Our full ventilation portfolio consists of:

  • Roof and wall terminals with excellent resistance ratings to enable the termination of high-volume outputs from our Vigor MVHR units.
  • Aerfoam fully insulated EPE ducting and accessories, to reduce condensation from the MVHR units.
  • Sound attenuators to reduce noise pollution into the dwelling.
  • Air Excellent semi rigid ducting (circular and semicircular) and accessories facilitating easy installation, up to 60% faster than other systems, with very low-pressure losses due to minimal connections and no ‘cross talk’. Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Static properties are also available.
  • Ceiling extract and supply valves removing the stale air and supplying the fresh air onto habitable rooms.

If you need help with planning your projects and developments including a MVHR system, we also offer a design service providing a bill of material list and can supply all the components in one delivery from one supplier!

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