Engineered in the UK to shape a sustainable tomorrow

With the market being flooded with cheap imports, an increasing number of architects are opting to bolster the UK economy by specifying domestically-produced products and brands.

West Fraser has been a respected and trusted provider of OSB, particleboard, and MDF to the UK architecture and construction markets for several decades. Every engineered wood panel, produced in Scotland, is net carbon negative and meets rigorous standards, ensuring quality and compliance.

The product range includes: SterlingOSB Zero, the first and only UK-made OSB with zero-added formaldehyde which has been trusted by the trade for over 30 years for its structural capability and aesthetic prowess; CaberFloor, the most popular P5 flooring range in the UK, and CaberMDF, the original MDF brand in the UK.

The panels are net carbon negative, meaning they lock up more carbon than is released during manufacture. In addition, West Fraser is committed to responsible supply chains specifically to ensure the legality, traceability and prohibiting products associated with deforestation & forest degradation. All UK-manufactured products are FSC® certified (FSC® C012533).

✓ Efficient streamlined logistics
✓ Sustainable and responsible supply chain
✓ Enhanced product availability
✓ Eco-friendly packaging
✓ Exceptional technical and customer support

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