Discover secure, remote door access controls for multi-dwelling properties

Intratone’s unique wireless GSM-based intercoms and secure remote online management system empower you to manage access to your properties with just the click of a mouse.

For property and housing managers it can often feel like you need to be in several places at once every day in order to complete your to-do list. From granting access to contractors, to updating resident details and key fobs, we know that property admin and the resulting site visits can take up a large amount of your time. Plus, with the current guidance on social distancing during COVID-19 each site visit is now more complex to both prepare for and carry out.

Intratone’s innovative, easy-to-use access technologies are designed to make property admin much more efficient. Using GSM technology – the foundation for most mobile phone data networks – our wireless intercoms and door entry systems empower housing professionals like yourself to manage multiple properties remotely and in real-time. From our accessible and innovative intercoms to our intuitive proximity readers, coded keypads and key fobs, everything is connected using GSM technology, and is designed to save you both time and money.

Our wireless GSM-based devices and secure online management system eliminate the need for most site visits. No need to spend hours on simple admin tasks, or to share mechanical keys with contractors – with Intratone, all this can be completed with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, the same wireless access technology enables your residents to grant visitors access to their home via audio or video calls on their smartphone or tablet: making the entire access control process as secure, accessible and simple as possible.

Also, the wireless nature of our technology means that installations are much faster than traditional wired access systems. As there’s no handsets, there’s no need to enter residents’ flats during installation, reducing any disturbance. An added benefit is that ongoing maintenance is minimised too.

As we start to embrace the ‘new normal’ after COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that site visits are minimised, and that social distancing and safety is front of mind. Intratone’s wireless, GSM-based intercoms and access control solutions do just that, ensuring that you can stay in control of property access. Find out more about our smart access solutions today.