Decarbonise your housing stock with SHDF Wave 3

A new surge of funding is on the horizon; Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) Wave 3 is set to hit this summer! The government has allocated £1.2 billion to lift 140,000 additional social homes to EPC C or above.

Wave 3 is intended to be more straightforward and flexible, enabling the inclusion of clean heat in ‘complex-to-decarbonise’ homes.

Don’t miss the only SHDF competition for the next 4 years!
More funding isn’t planned until April 2028 – so act now!

Kensa’s resident-focused Networked Heat Pumps

  • cut tenant bills and
  • fight fuel poverty

with the lowest life-cycle costs for social housing providers.

Kensa Contracting remains your go-to specialist, dedicated to delivering low-carbon, low-cost heat pump solutions at scale across all markets.

From design to commissioning, Kensa handles every aspect, ensuring seamless execution and maximum benefits for communities.

With a proven track record, Kensa doesn’t just provide heating solutions; we pave the way for greener futures, supporting clients and transforming lives, one project at a time.

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Digital workshops.

A series of bite-sized digital workshops to aid your SHDF Wave 3 applications.

Each session includes a dynamic 15-minute presentation and an exciting 15-minute rapid-fire Q&A to maximise engagement and learning!

Networked heat pumps explained.

Introduction to networked heat pumps – 02 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

System design and considerations – 03 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Myth-busting – 04 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Funding support.

Retrofit funding (England/Wales) – 09 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Retrofit funding (Scotland) – 10 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Retrofit funding (England/Wales) – 23 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Retrofit funding (Scotland) – 24 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Leveraging SHDF for at-scale decarbonisation – 31 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Community and environmental benefits.

Inspiring social housing projects – 11 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Community and tenant engagement – 16 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

Environmental benefits and carbon reduction – 17 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>

EPC targets and other benefits – 30 Jul 11:00: Book Now >>