Colt’s new remote monitoring technology saves time, effort and money

SmartServ Pro is an asset monitoring solution that remotely monitors the performance of the smoke control systems installed in your building and automatically alerts both you and Colt if there is a problem that needs attention.

In certain cases, faults can be fixed remotely, reducing the time it takes for your system to be back in full working order, whilst also reducing call-out charges.

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Complete control and visibility at your fingertips.

With the ability to be retrofitted to most control panels, SmartServ Pro can be quickly and easily connected to your smoke control system, regardless of whether Colt manufactured it or not. Once fitted, SmartServ Pro provides enhanced visibility, peace of mind and control of your system’s performance at your fingertips. Download our brochure to learn more about SmartServ Pro.

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Making management and compliance easy.

If you are ‘The Accountable Person’, SmartServ Pro could help simplify the management of your smoke control systems and help you stay compliant with new ‘Golden Thread’ requirements. By providing linear and easy to access recordings of all faults and repairs in your system, evidence of compliance can be easily accessed and retrieved if required.

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Benefits of a service contract with Colt.

Our remote monitoring system is just one good reason to sign up to a Colt service contract. It can be retrofitted to most control systems, not just ours. There are many more reasons, including nationwide coverage, fast response times and some of the UK’s most knowledgeable engineers.

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Specialist smoke control maintenance.

It is imperative that your smoke control systems are serviced by a fully accredited and third-party certified company. Colt was the UK’s first company to be certified to both the IFC SDI 19 and SDI 05 standards. These standards recognise our competency in the design, installation and servicing of smoke control systems.

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