Better Floors in Social Housing

There is a growing amount of research that highlights the benefits on tenant wellbeing through the provision of floor coverings within social housing. Regulations in Wales stipulate floor coverings, but social housing landlords looking to provide their tenants with a good home could do well to follow the same route, even without regulation.

Made in Belgium, Beauflor sheet vinyl flooring offers an affordable and attractive finish across a wide range of popular natural looks with benefits that include fast installation, durability and low maintenance.

For social landlords looking to improve standards, Beauflor sheet vinyl floors provide a comfortable, warm and quiet floor for tenants while meeting the need for a low-cost option that is durable in use and easy to install. Learn more on our social housing page

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Fast & affordable fitting to save time and money

Cutting down on material costs and time, Blacktex floors can be loose laid over old tile and timber floors, making a low-cost choice for refurbishment. Discover Blacktex

User friendly for longer lasting floors

The Premium Coating cuts down on difficult maintenance for a floor that’s easier to keep looking new and that lasts longer before replacement. Discover Xtreme

Why choose Beauflor for your social housing?

As a leading manufacturer of vinyl floors, Beauflor offers an extensive collection of high-quality cushion vinyl rolls. We’re part of B.I.G, a global family business in Belgium with sales of €2.5bn in 2021.

Our UK-based team will work with you to identify the needs of your project and to develop a specification of Beauflor sheet vinyl floors that plays its part in a safe, good quality home.