A unique opportunity to enhance your Healthy Home journey?

Following previous winter periods dealing with constant reports of damp, condensation and mould, are we ready for winter this year?

We cannot experience a repeat unfortunate loss of life due to internal property conditions and, are committed to providing an opportunity to learn more of the reasons behind these issues and how they can be tailored and readily adopted within your organisational policies and procedures for a proactive solution.

With many years of expert, trusted, independent experience surveying properties following reports of damp, condensation and mould, we are determined to share our diagnostic findings and consequently, the reasons behind these issues alongside credible and understandable recommendations for long-term resident engagement.

We are hosting a complimentary Healthy Home seminar at the NSBRC in Swindon on Wednesday 27th September to disseminate this information in a format you can readily take away from the event.

NSBRC is a unique venue where building fabrics, constructions, solutions and improvements are on display for all interested persons and, with accompanying conference centres alongside available refreshments, this is a fantastic opportunity to delve into these negative subjects and… leave with many positive thoughts and opportunities to assist your Healthy Home journey with proven Better Decision Making.

Register your interest now for a unique opportunity to…

  • Learn more of our findings for the circa 4000 surveys undertaken to date
  • Root cause contributory elements for damp, condensation and mould
  • Meaning and impact of ‘Adequate Ventilation’
  • Credible solutions for a long-term approach
  • SMART Knowledgeable guidance for expert trade solutions
  • SMART Knowledgeable guidance for residents
  • And… bring your concerns, queries or issues for a bespoke guidance protocol in readiness for winter 2023

To gain an introduction into our sharable knowledge, please click and watch the video


  • Because we are still dealing with damp, condensation and mould on an annual basis
  • Some retrofits haven’t solved the problem
  • Because the Net Zero journey could, in the absence of credible knowledge, lead to more problems
  • Because employing more ‘mould related staff’ is not a long-term solution
  • And, because there remains a disconnect between landlords & residents when dealing with the root cause
  • And, because expert trade services do not certify the ‘impact’ of their undertakings on other structural aspects

Are we ready for Winter 2023?

Looking to reduce Disrepair?

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Seeking a proactive approach?

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