A bathroom and kitchens role in reaching net zero targets

Chris Tranter from Bristan looks at the kitchen and bathroom solutions available to help providers work more efficiently and sustainably across retrofit projects

Soaring energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis are having a huge impact on housing providers as they look for affordable solutions to help the UK reach net zero targets. More than one in five homes in the UK were built more than 100 years ago, meaning there are thousands of poorly insulated buildings in need of frequent maintenance across the country. Retrofitting affordable housing stock is a huge challenge, but it will help to keep down household bills, while supporting the transition to net zero through reducing emissions.

So how can housing managers find the best sustainable solutions and products to retrofit social housing?

Sustainable solutions

While energy-efficient retrofits often centre around heating, building fabric, glazing and insulation, the kitchen and bathroom can play a vital role in delivering warm and efficient homes; in turn improving the comfort, health and wellbeing of social housing tenants.

There are many ways to make kitchens and bathrooms more sustainable and one key area is by upgrading to energy efficient appliances to reduce water or electricity costs.

Implementing cost-saving initiatives like these is crucial to help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, ease the UK’s water shortage and help the UK to meet net zero targets.

Value and reassurance

Retrofitting can be a delicate balance for providers who aim to find quality products that offer real value. One way to ensure this is by searching for entry-level products from reputable manufacturers. When it comes to bathroom products, it’s crucial to use a supplier that offers guaranteed quality and durability. Housing providers should seek out products that provide long-term solutions and peace of mind, by looking for brands that offer guarantees on their brassware products. All products are WRAS approved and come with a five-year parts guarantee too.

Outstanding service

Choosing a supplier with a dedicated team and a commitment to post-installation support is essential. Leading brands should always invest in its service capabilities.

While retrofitting Britain’s social housing is a big challenge for housing providers, it’s a necessity to help support the net-zero transition and the government’s levelling up agenda. By choosing a trusted, WRAS-approved, reputable bathroom manufacturer to help retrofit kitchens and bathrooms, you can guarantee great value, expertise and the best products on the market.

Chris Tranter is senior product manager at Bristan