Your fire doors may come with more than one overhead

Aside from the inconvenience and expense of repair or replacement, a damaged door closer can render a fire door inoperable, exposing tenants and occupants to risk.

Highly visible, surface-mounted door closers are an obvious target for removal, vandalism and misuse.

Whilst a seemingly cost-effective choice when specified, the long term consequences of fitting surface-mounted door closers can extend beyond the financial costs of repair and replacement of closer and door; a fire door which fails to work properly will severely compromise tenant safety.

It is for these reasons that Powermatic jamb-mounted concealed door closers have become the preferred choice of local authorities and housing associations throughout the country.

Fitted and trusted by organisations such as Birmingham City Council, Camden Council, Southampton City Council and many more, Powermatic concealed door closers are totally concealed when the door is closed and unobtrusive when the door is open. As such, they present less of an opportunity for removal, tampering or damage, assuring the reliability of the fire door and delivering a host of benefits for landlord and tenant alike:

  • Reduced risk of damage from vandalism or tampering
  • Closing speed and latching action adjustable without removing closer from door
  • Certified for use on one-hour and half-hour fire doors in flats, apartments and HMOs
  • The only CERTIFIRE jamb-mounted door closer

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