Why You Should Move Away From London As A Young Professional

Traditionally, London has been the place to be for young workers looking to forge a strong, profitable career, or make a name for themselves in their particular industry. However, as time has gone on, the negatives of moving to or staying in London are beginning to outweigh the positives, and we are finding that more and more young people are choosing to work in other cities or even smaller towns around the country. So why is this? And why should you consider looking elsewhere for a place to live and work?

Why Are People Rejecting The London Life?
Everybody knows what the main reason is going to be for this shift in opinion of life in the capital city. Money. The cost of living is so incredibly extortionate for people living in London, but more importantly, the housing prices are too high for not only the average worker, but even those making above average income are losing any hope of buying a property in the city. The population of London has been predicted to drop by over 300,000 people this year due to problems such as this. Another reason people are moving away from London, and indeed many other larger cities, is the fact that remote working allows people to live just about anywhere they want to, even if their company is situated in the capital. 

Affordable Housing With A Different View
Finding a place to live outside of London will shock you when you see the drastic difference in prices. Of course, it’s important to note that the housing market in general is booming right now, due to things like the stamp duty holiday causing investors to buy up lots of properties. Sadly, this does make it more difficult for younger people, especially first-time buyers to buy their own homes as it’s not easy to compete with wealthy landlords. Being unrestricted in where you live though however, provides you with far more opportunities for buying properties in the UK. Check out the housing website For-Sale here, for a wide range of properties all across the country. Although, when you do have so many options, it’s worth doing your research and deciding on the right place for you instead of jumping at the first opportunity you get. Take your time and weigh up the pros and cons of your favourite properties and locations.

Businesses Are Moving Away Too
It’s not only workers that are choosing to get out of London. Businesses also have to pay high rent prices for the office spaces, and for many, especially those that now have a majority of their teams working from home, it’s just not cost-effective to keep their London office space. Many are moving to other smaller cities like Manchester or Birmingham, which is helping to boost the economies of these places significantly. If you’re looking for another job as well as a new place to live, it might just be worth searching in one of these locations for your new role. Lots of industries have moved further North over the past few years and it may be a very wise decision to follow their lead. It’s entirely unlikely that London’s businesses won’t stabilise, but for now, it’s worth looking elsewhere.