Why energy efficient appliances are great for landlords

It is no secret that homes in the rental sector are more likely to contain old and inefficient appliances for tenants due to cost saving. But in today’s environmentally conscious times, the quality, age and efficiency of an appliance can have a detrimental effect on the potential tenant’s decision to rent.

Over the years utility costs and energy efficiency ratings have become increasingly more important to tenants as they consider the monthly running costs of a property. Investing in high quality, energy efficient appliances will not only increase a property’s desirability but can provide many long-term benefits to both the owner and tenant.

Quality and product lifespan

From the initial design phase, through to production and aftercare, quality is at the forefront and this shapes development of Hoover laundry appliances. Hoover strive to create appliances with long-lasting performance and high efficiency through the careful selection of high-quality parts and new innovative technologies.

Hoover has introduced the new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor to their A energy rated, Hoover H-WASH 500 washing machines to provide 4x the durability and 60% more efficiency for consumers. The brushless motor reduces vibrations to extend the machines lifespan by adapting the washing action to the load. By reducing the vibrations, the user will experience excellent results for longer and with lower energy consumption.

Efficiency and sustainability

As well as high quality parts improving the lifespan and efficiency of an appliance, there are also many programmes that the consumer can use to aid efficiency and make life simpler. For example, the auto care cycle uses an advanced algorithm to auto calculate the most suitable programme by adapting detergent, water, temperature, and cycle time to provide the most efficient wash; saving time, energy, and money for the user.

The Care Dose feature, available on selected models, makes adding detergent and softener simple. This self-dosage feature allows the user to pre-fill up to 21 cycles of detergent and softener at one time to ensure there’s no wasted detergent, whilst making day-to-day tasks a lot simpler.

The built in Active Care technology intelligently analyses your wash, creating the perfect mix of water and detergent in the drum. That mix penetrates the fibres more deeply, delivering 20% better washing results when compared to a standard machine. This allows the user to achieve exceptional results on tough stains such as grass, ketchup and chocolate without double washing.


Hoover products come with a standard 1 year call out parts and labour guarantee when the product is registered. Not only do Hoover appliances come with a standard warranty, Hoover also guarantees all parts for 10 years from the date of purchase. Hoover make it easy to speak to an expert advisor, with a fully trained local service team on hand to assist when required.

Hoover laundry appliances available to purchase through AO Business.