When is a fire door not a fire door?

Well, the simple answer is ‘when the door closer isn’t working’.

If a door closer has been damaged by vandalism or tampering, the fire door will not perform the function for which it is designed and specified, namely keeping the door closed.

Unlike surface-mounted door closers, Powermatic is completely concealed when the door is closed. Not only does this enable the specifier to retain the aesthetics of a door and interior, but it also reduces the opportunity for the door closer to be vandalised, tampered with or removed, ensuring that the fire door continues to perform reliably.

Together with maintenance-free service and closing speed and latching action which can be adjusted without removal from the door, this can result in a reduced maintenance burden for building owners and managers.

Powermatic also boasts a plethora of performance accreditations, including UKCA marking, fire testing on half- and one-hour fire doors, opening forces that comply with BS8300 and the ability to enable doors to meet the requirements of Approved Document M. It is also the only Certifire jamb-mounted door closer.