Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s exterior is a representation of who you are and how you live. It’s also the first thing people see when they drive by your house or walk down the street, so it should always look its best! 

You’ll want to keep up with any repairs that need attention, maintain a fresh and green landscape and ensure there’s nothing unattractive hanging from the eaves. In this blog post, we’re going to cover some tips on how you can improve your home’s exterior to raise curb appeal. 

Remove Badly Designed Additions and Reproportion your House

For a significant renovation, there are many different ways to make your building more appealing. One way is by extending the house upwards or outwards to create a better balance and symmetry with its surroundings. Removing poorly designed additions built from previous owners also goes a long way in improving your home’s look. 

Based on your property’s location and what you want to change, there are many options for how you can upgrade your home. With planning permission, it may be possible to add a second story with an additional bedroom. Other expansions include conservatories, porches, and patios. If you opt for more minor extensions, you may not need planning permission. Instead, they can be built under permitted development rights (PDRs). 

If you’re hiring a professional contractor, you’ll generally be charged £1,050 to £1,650 per m², but for high-end finishes, expect to pay a higher amount ranging from £1,450 to £2,200. 

Install New Windows

As an owner of a home, you want to make sure that your property is as secure and energy-efficient as possible. New windows allow fresh air into our dwellings, maximize incoming sunlight and seal in heated or cooled air to improve energy-efficiency. Their increased insulation can save a substantial amount in electricity bills overtime by reducing energy usage. 

Window choice will depend on your home’s style. Do you have a historic home or cottage that needs to be maintained in its original state? If you require authentic windows with modern performance, go for uPVC. These window types are highly durable and keep in line with your home’s traditional heritage. 

A more modern look might suit someone living in an energy-efficient apartment building without any outdoor space. These homeowners should consider aluminum frames which can last up to 30 years. Highly durable and rust-resistant, aluminum is also a cost-effective option in the market today. To find out more about window installation prices along with other home improvement services, check out homeownercosts

Repaint Your Exterior 

Many UK homes still have exposed bricks as their interior while others have painted surfaces. Painting is a home improvement project that won’t break the bank, unlike more extensive renovations that include building or demolishing additions.

When painting your exterior, there are many colors to choose from. Most homeowners like light and exterior walls that have a fresh look. Meanwhile in some coastal areas, houses often have deep blues or pastel shades on window frames that contrast with the color of their house’s exterior walls. Trending colors in 2021 include Earth tones, White, Black, White, and Black, Bold Red, and Light Blue. 

Fixing Up Your Garden

A beautiful front garden is one of the final touches to a renovated home. Regardless of your garden’s size, it’s worth investing in professional landscaping services from experts who will turn your space into something unique and eye-catching. 

To have a beautiful yard, it’s essential not only to trim shrubs and mow the lawn but also to plant flowers. You can do this by planting potted plants on your porch or front entry. If you don’t want new ones every year, then try seasonal flowers in the ground or window box instead. 

You’ll also want to ensure your garden’s appearance matches your property’s style. For traditional exteriors, you’ll want to implement Meadow-style plants that give a classical, refined appearance. Formal pruning is also in line with a traditional property exterior. Contemporary homes, meanwhile, would benefit from a minimalist approach, typically making use of materials like concrete and metals. 

Installing new Cladding

One way to create an entirely new look for your home is by changing it’s cladding. This often  means removing old 1970s or 1980s stone cladding, pebbledash, and different external materials that don’t flow together. 

When choosing new claddings for your property, make sure that materials are appropriately sized, as some weigh heavier than others. PVCu cladding is an inexpensive and low-maintenance option. It offers thermal resistance up to 20 years, making it an excellent choice for longevity. The colored or wood effect PVCu boards are comparable in price to timber boarding – plus they’re easy to clean! 

Stone tiles are a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to building with natural stone. They have the same construction as brick slips, but they’re split from genuine stones instead of bricks. When it comes to style, these can be either traditional or contemporary.