Quick & easy pipe boxing solutions from Pendock

The Pendock Profiles range of pipe boxing and casing solutions is one of the most comprehensive available for social housing projects. Each product like a specialised ‘tool’ designed for a specific purpose, but also versatile enough to be used on a range of pipe boxing applications.

From the MXFMX and TK pipe boxing ranges, dedicated to concealing all types of unsightly pipework, to our specialised BC boiler casingsCH channel pipe boxing and our strong external CHM and MXM metal boxing, we have everything that’s needed.

All products are manufactured from pre-formed plywood, except for the CHM / MXM metal boxing, and are supplied pre-finished in durable melamine. This removes the need for time consuming on-site fabrication or painting, which saves time and money, as Pendock boxing can be fitted in under half the time of site-made alternatives.

The widespread use of Pendock MXF fire sprinkler boxing to conceal surface mounted sprinkler pipework on high-rise and low-rise residential fire safety improvement projects, has helped speed sprinkler installation, as they’re quick and easy to fit, using just screws, battens and dedicated accessories.

Concealing boiler pipework, valves, regulators and filters is equally simple with the BC range of boiler pipe casings, which are designed to be free standing. Four casing options are available, including jointed designs which can be supplied either factory assembled or as components for on-site assembly.

A joint-less one-piece casing is also available together with a bespoke option, where the casings are manufactured by Pendock to exact boiler and project specifications supplied by the contractor.

Where exterior pipework needs concealing or protecting, from possible damage, theft or vandalism, the CHM and MXM metal pipe boxing range has been engineered to enclose building services and other utilities, often as part of district heating schemes, where external cabling and distributed heating system pipework need to be covered.