How To Prevent Frozen Pipes In Cold Weather: Practical Tips For Residential Landlords

Frozen pipes are common in the UK, particularly during the winter months when the temperature drops significantly. 

This issue can cause significant damage to your property and heating system, so it’s best that you do everything in your power to prevent it. 

As a landlord, you are responsible for the plumbing in your property, provided that the damage was not caused by your tenants’ behaviour or actions. 

If you’re unsure about how to prevent frozen pipes in your rented property this winter, then here are some practical tips. 

Insulate Your Pipes 

Insulation isn’t just for lofts; it can also be used to keep your pipes from freezing over during the colder months. There are several types of pipe insulation, including wrap tape or felt or wool insulation sleeves for pipes. These solutions can keep your pipes warm during the winter and reduce the chances of them freezing over. Even if your pipes are already insulated, you should review this every year to check that the insulation is still working properly. If it has been damaged or removed by tenants, then you should replace it. 

Get Your Heating System And Boiler Checked By Professionals 

If you want to ensure that your property’s plumbing has adequate insulation, and reduce the chances of your pipes freezing over, then a great solution is to hire professional plumbers before the issue occurs. If your property is between tenants, or you want to get the plumbing inspected to ensure that it is being maintained correctly, then you can work with local heating and plumbing experts. If for instance you’re searching for a Bristol Plumber to check over properties in the city, then experts such as M P Plumbing Services can help. They can ensure that your pipes are insulated and check for any early signs of damage to reduce your chances of frost damage to your property’s plumbing. 

Educate Your Tennants On Winter Plumbing Care

While your rental property’s structure and plumbing are your responsibility, your tenants are the ones who live in the property and maintain it on a day to day basis. So, you should support them and teach them basic winter plumbing care if they don’t already know it. Consider providing an informational document to help your tenants to understand the basics of winter plumbing care and how to spot an issue before it becomes a more serious plumbing crisis. 

Take Particular Care Of Empty Properties 

Empty properties can be prone to serious structural issues, including frozen pipes. Frozen pipes in empty homes can cause major problems and potentially damage their whole structure, so you need to make sure that you take special care of uninhabited properties. Where possible, try to visit regularly and heat the property to keep the pipes warm. You should also check the property for any early signs of frozen pipes or other issues that could cause problems when you come to rent out the property again. 

Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage to a property, so prevention is better than a cure. Use these tips to reduce the chance of frozen pipes in your rented property this winter and in the future.