Get a free trial installation of Multipanel wall panels on your next bathroom project

For bathroom installation or refurbishment projects in Social Housing, the only way to save time and money is to switch from tiles to waterproof wall panels from Multipanel.

Save Time

Our panels are a modern, durable alternative to tiles which can be fitted in a third of the time it takes to tile and with no grout, bathrooms can be up and running again in the same day.

Save Money

Ongoing maintenance and cleaning can increase costs and lengthen void time. With Multipanel wall panels, maintenance is virtually non-existent due to the easy fit nature of the panels and the absence of grout. Cleaning time is also vastly reduced as all that is required is a quick wipe down.

What other social housing customers say…

“Multipanel is more cost effective to fit than the tiles we previously used. Our tenants find it easier to clean and it looks better, especially in a wet room. Switching to Multipanel has also vastly reduced the number of properties we need to revisit to carry out maintenance.”

– Cabinet Member for Housing @ Bolsover Council