Exploring current thinking in Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote access has the potential to greatly enhance the effectiveness of landlords and housing professionals.

If utilised to its full extent, the technology could improve safety – both in the pandemic era and beyond – as well as save time, money, and increase worker satisfaction.

Despite this, while its use is increasing, there are many who push back against its implementation.

Through a survey of 166 housing professionals from across the UK, conducted by Housing, Management & Maintenance and supported by researchers at Edge Insight, it has been found that 91 per cent of housing professionals believe that remote technologies will be widespread in the next 10 years, and 66 per cent have already adopted them to some degree.

This White Paper will delve deeper into some of these technologies, their benefits and the issues they can solve, as well as attempt to ascertain what barriers are preventing the 34 per cent of respondents from adopting them, and what has prevented the wider adoption of its variants.

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