Don’t discover the hard way that a smoke test is not a smoke control service. Choose Colt

Poorly maintained smoke control systems can be deadly. Whilst fire grabs more headlines, smoke is the real killer. More than twice as many people die from smoke inhalation than from burns. Often, smoke incapacitates so rapidly that victims are able to make it to an otherwise perfectly accessible exit.

Don’t play with fire. Talk to our maintenance experts.

A ‘smoke test’ is not a service.

There is no substitute for a proper service. If your current servicer is not conducting full motor resistance and load tests, checking battery charge rates and identifying cause and effect of any failures, then your system is not being tested robustly enough to ensure that it will work in the event of a real fire.

See what a proper service should look like.

Competency is crucial.

When it comes to smoke control maintenance, competency is absolutely crucial. Colt is the UK’s most highly awarded and accredited smoke control servicer and we also have the most highly trained engineers stationed all across the UK to help you wherever you are, whatever you need.

Learn about our accreditations and expertise.

Wherever. Whenever. Whatever.

Our Smoke Control service contract has no limits.

All around the UK our highly qualified maintenance engineers are looking after the health and efficiency of more smoke control systems than anyone else. That’s because we offer the most comprehensive service contract on the market.

Our maintenance engineers span the length and breadth of the country so it doesn’t matter where you are, we’re just around the corner. You don’t plan for an emergency, but we do. That’s why we’re on hand all day, every day, in case you need our help.

The benefits of a Colt service contract

Your Legal Obligations.

The legal implications of smoke control maintenance mean cutting corners is never an option. Building occupiers have a legal duty to carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment every year. Click here to find out more about how we can keep you and your business legal.

At Colt, we have been servicing smoke control systems for more than 70 years.

As a result, the benefits of signing a service contract with us are many.

  1. Our engineers are highly experienced and highly trained. Where possible, we assign the same engineer to your site to maintain continuity.
  2. We offer nationwide coverage. We have engineers stationed in all parts of the UK.
  3. We will be with you in 24 hours. Our average response time is 4 hours in an emergency.
  4. We tailor our service packages to the building.
  5. We will arrange preventative maintenance to meet the requirements of the RRO and SFG20.
  6. We have a fast and efficient spare parts service.
  7. No matter who manufactured your system, we can maintain and repair it.
  8. We can carry out environmental surveys to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. We provide design support, should you wish to make alterations to your building or its function.

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