Digital tools provide thread of fire safety information

Ensure the long-term fire safety of your building’s envelope with Siderise digital tools

Property owners and managers have a key part to play in reducing the fire risk of their building’s structure, external walls and common parts. A crucial aspect of this is ensuring that appropriate passive fire protection measures have been specified and installed, and that information about what these hidden systems are, how they perform, and where they have been used is preserved for the property’s lifetime. To help, Siderise developed its Inspection App.

Whilst some projects may still need or prefer an in-person inspection from the manufacturer, the app offers many contractors a simple way to record the progress and assess the quality of the installation of Siderise’s standard fire stop, cavity barrier and acoustic barrier systems. It has been designed to be easy to use and the report generated by the app provides a valuable visual record for the building owner and operator of hidden elements of a construction once the build is complete. This means it is clear exactly what’s in the building and how it was installed, providing that all important ‘golden thread’ of information which can inform any future maintenance or building work.

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In addition, new industry-wide digital tools are being brought to the market which will make the process of identifying products and accessing accurate product data much easier. Digital identification platforms, such as BSI Identify, can provide a straightforward solution to product traceability. Dedicated QR codes are added to products which are linked to BSI UPINs (unique persistent identification numbers). These numbers are applied to every construction product within the BSI Identify database. When scanned, this will take the user to the exact product data supplied by the manufacturer, attributable to the day it was manufactured, whether that was yesterday or a decade later. This ensures that anyone can easily find all the correct product information relating to specification, testing, installation, and maintenance — including historic performance credentials, safety data and more.

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