D-TECT 200 C Professional Wallscanner

Precise. Reliable. Efficient. The D-Tect 200 C Professional Wallscanner for exceptional results.

The D-tect 200 C Professional was optimized based on user feedback. It is the first radar detector on the market that can record measurements via a screenshot and then process them on a PC via a USB-C® cable or a SD card. This makes documentation easier than ever. In addition, the radar detector features a leakage detection for the first time. This is based on even better signal processing that makes it possible to analyse and display damp spots on wall surfaces through reflected radar waves. Burst water pipes can therefore be identified more quickly and without having to prise open the wall. To detect objects, professionals now also have a choice of four instead of previously two different views, shown on a 3.5” colour display. They can read the detection results even easier and derive suitable measures. Construction managers, test engineers, experts, or craftspeople from different trades, can obtain conclusive results when using the D-tect 200 C Professional.

The D-tect 200 C offers three different operating modes: object detection, leakage detection and distance measurement. All common objects such as live/non-live cables, water-filled/empty plastic pipes, magnetic/non-magnetic metal and wooden studs, can be detected with a depth up to 200mm.

Multiple view modes

To complement the operating modes the wallscanner also features multiple views, to flexibly offer the best results in various situations; object view, spot view, signal view 2D and signal view. Selecting the correct wall type along with the choice of view allows better targeting of the relevant area and ultimately produce a more precise result.

The object view is the main view, giving the best measuring results. Visualising all detected objects at a glance and giving a depth indication. Clear illustration of objects via colour code plus and material classification are displayed.

The spot view for fast results and measurements. This view displays a quick result by just placing the device on the wall, hence enables detection even in tight narrow spaces.

The signal view 2D shows signal strength indication to allow assessing complicated material structures. Additionally, it gives a depth indication.

The signal view shows signal strength indication to allow assessing complicated material structures.

New features

New features and functions which differ from previous models include multiple views, higher amount of wall types and detectable objects for even better detection experience, more intuitive user interface, screenshot feature for easier documentation and many more.

Whatever is needed, the menu guides through every measurement with clear explanations in form of pictures and text, thus helping to avoid application errors. Users also have flexibility when selecting the energy source: The D-tect 200 C Professional can be operated both with a replaceable battery in the Professional 12V System and with four AA alkaline batteries together with the AA1 Professional battery adapter. When fitted with a 2.0 Ah battery, the radar detector weighs just under 700 grams. This makes it extremely light. In addition, users will be able to receive free software updates through downloads in the future, for example, to successively use new documentation functions. This means higher added value – even after the tool has been purchased.

All Bosch tools have a one year warranty, which can be extended to a total of three years if the tool is registered on the Bosch Professional website within the first month of purchase. Find out more here