The new FlexiWork neon jackets and fleeces

NEW Neon Jackets and Fleeces from Snickers Workwear for the flexible working environment – delivering visibly superior comfort and freedom of movement. While Fabric, Functionality and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and fabric technology in the... View Article

Best Self Storage Units in the UK

The UK has one of the smallest floor spaces in Europe. Both commercial and residential properties struggle to accommodate the growing demand. More companies are creating economic options to keep things affordable and accessible. There is a 30% decrease in... View Article

Stamp them out for good

FIND OUT MORE The right ventilation solution can remove the excess moisture in the air which causes damp, condensation, and mould problems. Wiping down windows and painting the walls are short term solutions to a long term problem. There are... View Article

Guide to balcony refurbishment by MyDek

The change in the fire safety regulations for external wall systems has sparked a need for balcony refurbishments in residential buildings. Based on the latest regulations, all external wall systems of residential buildings must be built using materials that achieve... View Article

Designer Contracts digs deep for Childline

Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, has stepped in once more to sponsor the services of leading children’s charity ChildLine for one day. Thursday (December 3rd 2020) marked the fourth time the company has supported the charity’s running costs... View Article

Hallmark Glazed FD30Sa Fire Doors

Hallmark Doors & Panels are proud to announce the return of our glazed FD30Sa dual-certified, low maintenance composite fire doors. After over a year of thorough testing and extensive product development, we now offer fire doors to the residential, new... View Article

Remote management: sensible or intrusive?

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Terri Hickman of Intergas Boilers discusses the pros and cons of remote management in the Covid-19 era. Working from home, such an alien concept at the start of lockdown, is now a much-loved (or tolerated, depending on... View Article

Balcony fire safety

Richard Izzard of AliDeck explores the prevalence and causes of balcony fires. Following the Grenfell tragedy, various building regulation updates and Government initiatives have attempted to resolve the flammable cladding issue by outlawing combustible materials and mandating its replacement in... View Article

How to deliver on flat roof refurbishment projects

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Clients are constantly trying to make the smartest investment, presenting surveyors with the challenge of delivering predictable project costs and providing precise technical data to enable clients to make the correct decision. Bauder explores how to deliver... View Article

Clarity on composite fire and security doors

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Chris Flaherty of Winkhaus UK provides clarity for specifiers following a series of legislation and guidance updates covering the specification of composite fire doors. There is a lot of confusion and frustration among specifiers as to what... View Article

What is IAQ and how do we measure it?

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Vince House of Aereco explores what indoor air quality (IAQ) really means as residents are confined to their homes more than ever. There has been a lot of talk around Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), especially during the... View Article

Laser printing from ESi

Installers and heating contractors can request that the ESi heating controls they order from their merchant can be laser printed on the front outside cover of the controls with their company name and logo and inside the controls cover with... View Article