Your housing specifies Intratone cloud fob system for large estate

Fob readers and the accompanying Cloud-based management system from Intratone have transformed the management of keys and access to properties for Your Housing Group, one of the UK’s largest housing providers.

Your Housing Group manages more than 28,000 homes, ranging from affordable housing through to private rentals. Previously, facilities managers had to manage a physical set of keys and log who had taken them, at what time and for what purpose. Many keys were never returned.

The housing association upgraded a number of properties within its portfolio to fob access, but the original system wasn’t properly managed: almost 100 fobs were issued to one block of six flats, for example, without being properly controlled and without being able to trace who had them.

To address the issue, Intratone proximity readers were installed during refurbishment works at the front and rear entrances of 34 apartment blocks in Liverpool and Manchester by Merseyside-based Maintec Ltd.

“One of the main objectives for installing the new system was to simplify key management, especially when granting access to contractors,” says Trevor Hill, Senior Compliance Manager at Your Housing. “With our old system, one of our team had to escort any contractors on site which was very time consuming.

“The new system also benefits the residents. If a user loses their fob, the operator is able to immediately establish its identity and disable it for future use. A new fob is subsequently activated and then dispatched. Every time a fob is used, the data is sent back to the remote operating platform, giving operators an overview of that particular gate or secured door’s activity. Any unusual activity is therefore easily identified and monitored.”

Contractors can also be granted access using their mobile phone. Authorised users with access to the management platform can add the phone number and specify a time limit; the number can be dialed into the entry panel to gain entry.

Steve Cranshaw, Director at Maintec Ltd, says if a resident loses a fob, the property manager or housing association is instantly able to establish the identity of the fob and disable it remotely from future use: “A new fob can be easily activated on the Intratone cloud-based management site and sent out to that individual. This saves time and money and enhances the security of each property.”

“The Intratone system gives us complete control and visibility. It also means we don’t have to approach a third party whenever a resident has lost a fob, or someone moves out. We have been so impressed with the potential time and cost savings that we have started a gradual roll out across more of our sites,” Trevor adds.

Intratone manufactures a range of cost-effective door-entry and access control solutions designed around the customer need. Its systems are installed across a range of housing association, social housing and private properties throughout the UK and Europe.