Vectaire’s WHHRs can now be commissioned via LCD screen

Vectaire’s WHHRs – vertical and horizontal – can now be commissioned via an LCD screen.

The upright units – the Midis and the Maxis – offer the option of an integral LCD or a remote LCD commissioning unit, whilst the in-line EVO250 and Mini can be commissioned using a remote unit.

The commissioning engineer is easily able to adjust unit functions including trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, the length of boost speed over-run time, the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode, night-time boost inhibitor times etc.

The user can see the speed at which the fan is operating, the relative humidity, and when the filters need replacing.

The user can also set the unit to holiday mode for energy saving when the dwelling is empty.

These units are among the most innovative, efficient and effective on the market today – and all are manufactured in the UK.