ToughGlaze UK Stock List 2020

Bespoke Products

  • TG Switchable (available combined with other products)
  • Security Glass (manual attack, anti-bandit, ballistic & bullet resistant, blast & explosion resistant)
  • Mesh & Fabric interlayers (available combined with other products)
  • Digital printing / Silk Screen
  • Magna (upcycled glass)
  • Acoustic laminates (bespoke options available)
  • Toughened laminates (P.V.B, E.V.A, and T.P.U)
  • Painted glass (stencil options available)
  • Sandblast (stencil options available)
  • Curved Glass / Laminates (bespoke)
  • Magnetic glass boards (full colour range available)
  • Anti-slip glass (various patterns available)
  • Laminated walk on glass (triple laminates)
  • Mirrors (silver, grey, bronze and antique available)


  • Polishing, mitring, bevelling and edge grooving (4x automatic double edging lines)
  • Full automated CNC Line
  • CNC Shapes
  • Radius Corners
  • Heat Soaking and Heat Strengthening
  • Drilling – countersinking
  • Vertical waterjet (Cut-outs)
  • 2 x 6m x 3m Toughening Furnaces
  • Fully automatic Lamination Line
  • In-house managed transport fleet
  • Automatic ceramic roller coating line (decorative options)
  • Testing rigs available
  • Moffett deliveries
  • Nationwide / Worldwide deliveries (packaging arranged)


Clear Float Glass
4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm and 25mm

Opti-White (Low Iron Glass)
4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm and 19mm

 Coated Glass
4mm K, KA, and Soft coat
6mm K, KA, and Soft coat

Self – Cleaning range
4mm, 6mm Active Neutral
4mm, 6mm Active Clear
4mm, 6mm Active Blue

Group 1, Group 2 (Pilkington)
Oriel Collection

White Laminate
6.4mm, 8.8mm, 10.8mm and 12.8 mm

Tint’s Bronze/Grey/Green/Blue
4mm, 6mm and10mm (please check stock levels before ordering)

4mm, 6mm silver, bronze and grey
4mm, 6mm Antique range
4mm Protect Plus (Pilkington)
Toughened mirror

Satin Glass
4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm and 12mm

Stock Laminates
6.4mm, 8.8mm 10.8mm,12.8mm and 16.8mm (also low iron options)

Acoustic Laminates
6.8mm, 8.8mm,10.8mm,12.8mm, and 16.8mm, 12.8mm (low iron)

Security Glass
EN356 – Anti Bandit
P1A (6.8mm), P2A (6.8mm), P3A (8.2mm), P4A (8.2mm), P5A (8.2mm), P6B (11.2mm), P7B (12.2mm), P8B (13.8mm)
EN1063 – Bullet Resistant
BR1 N/S (19mm), BR2 N/S (19mm), BR3 N/S (19mm), BR4 N/S (23mm), BR5 N/S (34mm), BR6 N/S (42mm)
BR7 N/S (68mm), SG1 N/S (26mm), SG2 N/S (34mm)