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Highly visible, surface-mounted, overhead door closers are not only unappealing to the eye but can also be susceptible to damage through vandalism or tampering, incurring maintenance and repair costs and threatening the reliability of the fire door to which they are fitted.

Powermatic concealed door closers fit neatly between the door and frame. They are totally concealed when the door is closed and barely noticeable when the door is opened. This concealment delivers a number of benefits that surface-mounted devices cannot match and which are particularly relevant to fire doors in flats, apartments and HMOs.

Local authorities such as Birmingham City Council, Camden Council, Southampton City Council and many others are selecting Powermatic jamb-mounted, concealed door closers as their preferred option thanks to the benefits that the closer’s concealment offers to tenants and landlords alike, including fire performance, accessibility, safety, reliability, damage limitation, comfort, aesthetics, well-being, reduced maintenance costs and more.

Designed and manufactured by Samuel Heath in the UK, Powermatic offers the highest levels of assurance when it comes to performance, quality and reliability, benefitting from genuine third-party certification and being the only jamb-mounted door closer to possess Certifire accreditation.

  • Reduced risk of damage from vandalism or tampering
  • Reduced maintenance liability
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Genuine independent third-party certification
  • Closing speed and latching action adjustable without removing closer from door
  • Certified for use on one-hour and half-hour fire doors
  • Contributes towards the achievement of accessibility requirements (AD M)
  • The only CERTIFIRE jamb-mounted door closer
  • Improves aesthetics, enhancing well-being and comfort
  • Perfect for flats, apartments and HMOs

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