Social housing flooring that’s fit for the future from Gerflor

The UK has a distinctive tradition of social housing provision. Public housing developed rapidly after 1919 and was largely provided by local authorities as an alternative to private renting that had formed the largest tenure at that time and through to the 1950s and beyond. However, housing is about far more than four walls and a roof. It’s more about environment and the positive or negative impact that it can have on the tenant’s overall well-being.

Nobody wants to live in a noisy, drab, drafty or dangerous house, and the flooring element of the living conditions plays a crucial part in delivering the overall feel-good factor for tenants. In the same vain the last thing housing associations and local authorities want are complaints piling up from unhappy tenants about sub-standard flooring.

At International flooring specialist Gerflor they’re committed to providing the social housing sector with a range of flooring products that deliver fantastic quality, together with providing the allimportant levels of comfort, safety and wow-factor. Just because tenants live in ‘affordable housing’ doesn’t mean they need to suffer poor standards of flooring. At Gerflor they supply a variety of superb flooring options that look stunning, are easy to maintain and are truly fit for purpose. Their vinyl flooring solutions provide excellent longevity, outstanding comfort and slip resistance as well as high acoustic performance. They are available in a beautiful collection of popular designs and colourways loved and wanted by tenants. The range of options from Gerflor include solutions for both inside and outside the threshold.

As with most social housing projects the quality of the shower or bathroom area of any refurbishment or new build is crucial in delivering an environment that the tenant both enjoys and benefits from, whilst providing high levels of safety and performance. The ultimate choice for wet and dry, barefoot and shod applications, Tarasafe™ Ultra H2 O from Gerflor is an ideal solution for shower and changing rooms, together with any high-level risk wet areas where heavy duty slip resistant flooring is needed.

Tarasafe Ultra H²O has a raised emboss designed for applications where there are continuous wet areas. It’s also treated with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment, has a 12-year warranty and is 100 per cent recyclable. A popular choice in the housing markets Tarasafe™ Ultra H²O scores the best possible safety rating in the wet barefoot ramp test (DIN 51097) and wet shod test (DIN 51130) and is available in eight stunning colours, which complements Tarasafe™ Ultra’s most popular colourways. By being 100 per cent recyclable it also meets all industry environmental standards. It’s easier to handle and is lighter in weight with up to five times more blade life than before. Hot welding is also made simple for a water impervious finish. Naturally, Tarasafe™ Ultra H²O meets the highest safety standards as well as registering a Grade C in the barefoot ramp test.

Tarasafe™ slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring is deeply inlaid with mineral crystal particles, plus coloured chips, and reinforced with a glass fibre grid to make it durable and hard-wearing, as well as being R11 slip resistant.

When time means money, and budgets often tight, Gerflor has the ideal solution. Griptex with Gerflor Fibre Technology (GFT) has been designed to be loose-laid, making it ideal for refurbishment for both kitchens and bathrooms. As adhesive and the need to lift existing smooth floorings is generally eliminated, faster completion times and significant cost savings are possible. Its patented textile backing system, together with a compact interlayer that is exclusive to Gerflor, allow up to 35m2 to be loose-laid with minimal subfloor preparation over most existing smooth surfaces. In addition, GFT floorings, such as Griptex, have been developed to reduce common post-installation issues such as lifting and curling and thereby lower remedial work. Griptex is also sound insulating to 16db, thermally efficient and has a hardwearing 0.3mm wear layer and 15-year product guarantee. It includes an integral, 90 per cent RH resistant, waterproof membrane to allow for installation without the need for new subfloors to fully dry out, or in damp conditions and older properties without damp proof membranes. It is water resistant from above and below and has a hygienic and easy to clean Pureclean surface that doesn’t trap dirt and needs less water and detergent to clean.

Gerflor has a UK base, dedicated housing team, stock holding warehouse and national distribution network. Products are manufactured to Gerflor’s environmentally-sustainable, life-cycle analysis policy at ISO 14001 certified production sites using sustainable, responsible raw materials and recycled content. They meet the highest international standards and have the lowest VOC emissions, contributing to good indoor air quality and well-being.

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