SE Controls helps keep residents safe at Derby’s Sunnyfield Extra Care development

Derby’s Sunnyfield development of 70 self-contained ‘Extra Care’ flats for people over 60 is using a combined smoke and hybrid natural ventilations system from leading specialist, SE Controls, to help keep residents safe in the event of a fire while also providing fresh air to corridors and communal spaces.

Developed by Housing & Care 21 in partnership with Derby City Council and the Homes and Communities Agency, Sunnyfield enables older people to live independently, but with the added support of an ‘Extra Care’ approach which enables residents to access a range of on-site services and amenities, as well as social events.

The 70 flats are located over three stories plus a lower ground level with access provided by stairwells, lift shafts and a corridor network. SE Controls upgraded the smoke ventilation equipment with an environmental ventilation system, which is fully automated and provides day to fresh air ventilation to the communal corridors. The system also keeps these areas clear of smoke in the event of a fire when triggered by the network of SHEVTEC controllers and temperature sensors.

While the primary function is to provide essential smoke ventilation, the system’s versatile design enables it to be configured as a natural ventilation solution to provide a supply of fresh air to corridors and communal spaces.

This not only allows comfortable temperatures to be maintained and avoid the possibility of overheating during summer months, but also removes stale air from the building to create a better environment.

Throughout the development, the extensive SE Controls system uses an array of sensors, control panels, roof vents and ventilation louvres, located in each corridor, as well as the four stairwells and glazed atrium areas, to ensure that smoke control and fire safety is maintained at all times for residents and staff, should a fire occur.

SE Controls’ Commercial Director, Martin Oates, explained

“Sunnyfield is a perfect example of how our hybrid smoke and natural ventilation solutions can provide critical fire safety protection while also helping improve the day to day living environment for residents, whether it is in sheltered or managed accommodation, social housing or private residential developments.”

He added:

“There is increasing interest and concern about building overheating, particularly in relation to building air tightness regulations and the effects of climate change and we are already helping address these effects with related technologies to help provide cost effective cooling, ventilation and smoke control solutions.”

Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling  01543 443060.