Revealed: Over 2,800 social housing repossessions so far in 2019

Social housing provides low rent living solutions to those who cannot afford housing on the private market. Social landlords tend to be councils or housing associations.

Interested in social housing, Sell House Fast analysed the latest statistics from to discover how many social housing repossessions have occurred in 25 major cities across England and Wales during the first half of this year (January – June 2019).

Sell House Fast found that London had the highest number of social housing repossessions between January – June 2019 at 1,291 – the equivalent of 4 social housing repossessions a day in the capital.

Thereafter, Birmingham experienced 295 social housing repossessions in the first half of 2019.

In third position, Sheffield had 144 cases of social housing repossessions in six months.

Notably, Liverpool (135) and Manchester (115) are the other two cities which have had more than 100 social housing repossessions between January – June 2019.

In Wales, Cardiff (58) had more social housing repossessions than Swansea (55).

On the other end, Cambridge had only 8 social housing repossessions. Just above, Blackpool had slightly more social housing repossessions at 10.

From the 25 major cities considered in England and Wales, there was a grand total of 2,880 social housing repossessions in the time period of January – June 2019.

Cities in England and Wales Total Number of Social Housing Repossessions

(January – June 2019)

London 1,291
Birmingham 295
Sheffield 144
Liverpool 135
Manchester 115
Coventry 96
Leeds 87
Stoke-on-Trent 70
Sunderland 64
Cardiff 58
Nottingham 55
Swansea 55
Leicester 54
Bristol 49
Wolverhampton 49
Southampton 46
Newcastle upon Tyne 43
Norwich 37
Plymouth 28
Northampton 28
Oxford 28
Portsmouth 19
Brighton 16
Blackpool 10
Cambridge 8