Replace non-compliant timber/composite decking with affordable AliDeck aluminium decking

With balconies now defined as part of the external envelope of a building, combustible materials must be replaced to achieve compliance post-Grenfell. AliDeck’s non-combustible aluminium decking provides a complete solution.

Following the Grenfell tragedy, a root and branch change was demanded in the UK’s approach to building safety and fire regulations to help prevent such an event occurring again. Regulations were amended in 2018 to ban combustible materials on buildings above 18m and, with new legislation currently before Parliament, further restrictions are expected to soon be written into law.

In response, AliDeck have launched their cost-effective, low-profile AliDeck Lite Board which was designed specifically for retrofit and replacement purposes.

The Lite Board delivers a non-combustible, quick-fit timber or composite replacement balcony decking solution that is tailor-made for property owners looking for the most cost-effective way to achieve compliance with new fire-safety legislation.

Richard Izzard, AliDeck Managing Director, said,

“Building owners are faced with the task of replacing combustible elements of their property portfolio, including balconies. Following Grenfell, balconies are now defined as part of the external wall of buildings for the first time and so are included in the new, more stringent fire safety legislation.”

With limited budgets, public sector organisations in particular have a difficult journey ahead of them in achieving compliance with the new fire regulations but the new AliDeck Lite Board comfortably meets the challenges of both cost and practical concerns for refurbishment projects.

Richard continued,

“We designed the Lite Board as an entry-level decking board. While we intended it to answer a lot of questions for the public sector in terms of cost, safety and ease of installation, these benefits naturally translate to usage across all sectors as combustible materials are replaced. It’s undoubtedly a great product that will transform the market’s response to the new legislation.”

The AliDeck Lite Decking Board is available to order immediately, so for more information and to discuss your retrofit and replacement requirements please contact the AliDeck team on 01622 534 085 or visit the AliDeck website.