Property leader reacts to Dominic Raab’s appointment as Brexit Secretary

Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions

“With the resignation of David Davis, Theresa May has been dealt a significant blow in her attempts to create a workable, agreeable plan for Brexit. And yet it’s not just the PM who has been affected – the UK’s property sector will also feel the impact of Mr Davis’ decision.

“News that Housing Minister Dominic Raab is to now become Brexit Secretary means yet another MP takes hold of the reins as the Government attempts to address the housing crisis – Mr Raab’s successor will become the 18th Housing Minister in the past two decades, and at a time when the property market needs consistency and clarity in policy, this development could prove a hindrance to a hugely valuable sector for the UK economy. It’s vital the Government acts quickly to appoint a new Housing Minister and ensures it sticks to its strategy to help more people get on and move up the property ladder.”